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Bangle-Up Your Hands: Bangle Size Guide For All

When it comes to silver bangles, it is bound to steal heart, at least glances of admiration at least. But just like any other piece of jewellery, silver bangles need to be chosen carefully.

Choosing the right bangle(s) can be a little tricky. There are various methods to find the right size for the bangles and even adjust to make them a perfect fit for the wearer.


But first, one needs to make sure that they have got the measurements right. There are various methods to find the right bangle size using simple tools or household items. It is important to remember that in order to find the right bangle-size, it is not the wrist size that matter- but the hand

1. The String Method

Simple and easy, all that is required is a loose string that is needed to be looped around the broadest part of the hand to take a measurement. It is best to bring the fingers together to make the hand as small as possible while wrapping the string around and to make it in order to keep track of the right circumference of the hand so that when measured on a ruler, it provides the right measurement.

 It is best to keep some leeway to make sure that the bangle is of the right size and slides through the hand with ease.

2. The Dot Method

The dot method is another way of measuring the bangle size, here, the knuckles of the weather are taken into consideration. It starts by fisting the hand and marking a dot on the first and last knuckles, it is then that the distance between the two dots are measured, the distance between the two dots determine the size of the bangle.

3. Using Another Bangle

What could be better than using one of the previously-used bangles? It is not hard to find silver bangles for women, good ones, so it is unusual for anyone to not possess any bangles. The best way to find the right bangle size is to use the already available bangles for measurement.

Fitting Issues

Silver Bangles

Now that we know how to do the measurements right, it is time to delve into another common problem that arises is the difficulty in fitting a bangle, it is easy to find silver bangles online and when already bought, it is common to have some problems when it comes to the right fit. 

When Bangle Barely Fits: Plastic Bag Method

Sometimes, the silver bangle does not quite fit into the hand but is within the fitting range. There are a few methods that could be used to make sure that the silver bangles are not left to rest in a jewelry box, forgotten.

1. Plastic Bag Method: Plastic bags are found in every household, one could use a plastic bag to cover their hand and then try sliding the bangle(s) through the hand, the smooth surface of the plastic helps to reduce friction.

2. Lotion Method: Companies like Verve Jewels are reliable sources for providing pure silver bangles online. But when the bangles do not fit well, it might feel like hole in the buyer’s pocket. But lotions can be an excellent help when bangles are within the fitting range, lotions lubricate skin and eases the hand through the bangles.

And lastly, if the bangle is too big, it is still better than a bangle that is too small for the hand, the wearer just needs to be careful that the bagels do not slide off their hand.

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