92.5 Sterling Silver Tribal Jewellery

Charm-Up Any Look With 92.5 Sterling Silver Tribal Jewellery

Tribal Jewellery perfectly compliments the bold and contemporary personality. The most popular form of silver jewellery is the tribal look that adds charm to even the simplest of attires. Pure sterling silver carved with aesthetically pleasing designs and a tinch of oxidised look, tribal jewellery is here to steal every first glimpse. The charm of tribal jewellery is prevalent and the trend is never going to fade.

Significance Of Tribal (Banjara) Necklaces 

Inspired by the tribal culture of Rajasthan, designers sourced some of the significant banjara designs adorned by Rajasthani women as part of their shringar signalling their marital status. In ancient times, the tribal jewellery was adorned with stones, bones, metal and beads, but the contemporary version is limited to pure sterling silver adorned with beads, coins and gemstones.

Although tribal culture dates years back, designers still have managed to keep the legacy alive by elegantly portraying them through contemporary tribal jewellery. 

Adorn it with jeans or a simple saree, tribal jewellery (necklace, earrings, bracelets or rings) automatically takes the limelight turning even the simplest attire into a lit-up party look. Infact, it is usually the trick to re-create a regular office look to a charming party look in seconds.

What is Sterling Silver?

Believe it or not but silver surpasses gold in terms of highly worn jewellery metal of the current time and this is probably because of the appeal, price, value and versatility. 

Sterling silver is the purest form of silver with 92.5% composition of silver and 7.5% of other alloys (usually zinc or copper) added to strengthen the metal. So, the sterling silver standard has a minimum fineness of 925, thus marking 925 Sterling Silver. 

In the era when people are ready to pay any amount for quality, pure 92.5 sterling silver is something worth spending on.

Do You Know Silver Has An Impact On Your Body? 

It is an undeniable fact that silver has significant health benefits which even our ancestors believed who used silver utensils to eat and drink, maintaining their health and live long lives. Silver is the crucial content in several medical treatments as it is believed to have healing properties. The metal owns antimicrobial properties and aids in fighting several infections. Undoubtedly, silver properties have impeccable impacts on your skin as well, so wearing silver jewellery charms up your attire while providing health benefits. 

In ancient Egypt, silver (due to its natural healing property) has a spiritual significance. Apart from treating ailments, silver also regulates internal heat and circulation in the body. Believe it or not, silver has a great impact on our energy and moods. This is why sages advise wearing a silver ring paired with a pearl to those with anger issues.

Glazing Any Look with Pure 925 Silver Tribal Jewellery 

If you are thinking to adorn your loo with some sort of artificial jewellery then think twice. 70% of the artificial jewellery has only the polishes, and their lustre fades over time. While fine-crafted jewellery with base metal silver restricts corrosion making them a long-lasting embellishment that you can own.

Minimalist Tribal Necklaces 

Silver jewellery sellers say nowadays women want to flaunt their jewellery on every next occasion. From office conferences to dinners or weddings - minimalist tribal necklaces add a subtle charm to the dress you wear. Minimalist tribal necklaces usually comprise a chain/pendant set. Here a simple chain looks elegant with a huge fine-designed pendant along with a gemstone as the heart of the pendant that charms up the entire set.

tribal necklace

Even The Less Will Do

Tribal jewellery already exudes raw and asymmetrical properties. Adorning too much might sting the eyes of the onlooker. Overdoing is one of the most common malfunctions of tribal jewellery. With modern silver jewellery, even if you wear four extra rings, it will not impact the look as much as a single tribal rings will do. There is a very thin line between setting a style statement and overdoing your look, make sure you are on the other side of the line.

Tribal Rings

Toning Down The Attires

Gone are the days of unnecessary fancy. People nowadays are more into sophisticated styles with subtle charm and elegance. Although most tribal jewelleries already have bold colours and intricate designs the entire ensemble looks disturbing if paired with bold patterns or colours. As said above, tunning the tribal jewellery with subtle shades and minimalist attires is usually the trick to new-age fashion. If you are wearing a bright bold piece of tribal jewellery, you might want to pair them with pastel colours with subtle designs.

Donning Heavy Necklaces

As chokers are the current talk of the town why not style up the intricately designed tribal chokers with simple pastel sarees or deep neck suits to glace up your entire festive or wedding look. Contemporary styling is all about subtle elegance and contrasts breaking the rhythm of the eye by contrasting the simple ethenic wear with significant tribal necklaces. Even the tribal earrings alone will do the trick.

Tribal Earrings

Tribal Necklaces - The Sembelence Of Creativity   

Every design and style is unique from its counterpart. With such exclusive and intricate designs, one attracts to tribal jewellery because it reflects creativity. Although every person is an admirer of beauty, poets, writers and artists go an extra mile being mesmerised by the fine arts and their representation on pure sterling silver jewellery. How can they keep their hands off from handcrafted tribal jewellery?  

Tribal designs are metaphorical art forms that portray flora, fauna, and even the auspicious idols (Ganesh, Laxmi, etc), still respecting the integrity of a tribal fashion.

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