Silver Bracelet

Hands In Silver: Silver Bracelet Designs That All Bracelet-Lovers Would Want

The silver metal is an excellent choice for jewellery, not only due to the metal being an excellent physical healing agent due to it’s antimicrobial and antibacterial properties but also due to the metal’s ability for spiritual cleansing.

Silver, as a colour falls between black and white and yet seems much livelier than the grim grey shade and yet, it is no less in being a sophisticated shade that impotence affluence and spiritual evolution.

Silver also has the ability to enhance and prevent skin infections.

But silver jewellery in today’s world is far beyond its therapeutic properties, silver accessories have become a fashion statement with hundreds of designs, especially oxidised silver jewellery

Bracelets are one of the most popular accessories, the flexible accessory can be worn in parties, events as well as during casual outings.

So, all the bracelet-lovers, brace up, I bring you some of the most beautiful design for silver bracelets you do not want to miss

1. Spiral Silver Bracelets

The wide spiral silver bracelets are best suited for men, but the same design with reduced width becomes a popular gender-neutral bracelet design.

Thick spiral design accompanied by a gemstone or crystal in the middle can make up for flexible silver bracelets for men.

2. Honey-Comb Kadha

This is another gender-neutral silver bracelet design, the honey-comb silver kada design can create some stunning bracelets. The honey-comb design not only gives the bracelet a unique appearance but also makes it versatile enough to be worn on almost every occasion.

3. Engraved Name

Silver bracelets with the wearer are in fashion and I’m sure no one is complaining. This design is usually accompanied by an interlinked chain with a plain surface for the wearer’s name to be curved, or the whole bracelet is plain, simple yet beautiful. Besides, it is as much of a silver bracelet for women as for men, in other words, it is another gender-neutral bracelet design in this list.


4. Thin, Plain Silver Bracelets

The classic choice in the silver bracelet for girls. There is no questioning when it comes to the beauty and radiance silver possesses and it is felt by both, the wearer as well as the people viewing the metal. The beauty of such a design resides in its simplicity- that makes the bracelet versatile.

5. Plain Silver with Diamonds

When speaking of plain silver bracelets, how can we forget about plain silver bracelets with diamonds on it, the tiny diamonds sparkle under the light and it does not even need to be said how gorgeous it looks on the wrist of the wearer. Another gender-fluid design that goes well with all and anything, especially if it is low in width- it casts a subtle charm to the wearer- not too extravagant, not to plain either- just the perfect combination of gorgeous, attractive and simple.

Silver Bracelet

6. Multiple-Layered Silver Bracelets

This is certainly one of the most talked-about trends in bracelet designs in general. When it comes to choosing pure silver bracelets for men or even women, this design of bracelet of having multiple-bands wrapped around the wrist is thought to be a great choice for grand parties and even weddings and other such important functions where you can take on some more than simple and subtle jewellery to wear.

7. Carved Silver Bracelets

Carvings on plain, wide silver bracelets are stunning to observe, they can range from simple symbols to complicated but gorgeous patterns, often in the form of leaves and flowers, or vines. With adjustable size, this silver bracelet design makes up for an excellent choice of an accessory for both western a well as ethnic wears.

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