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Ways To Keep Your Favourite Piece Of Jewellery As Good As New!

To keep it looking as beautiful as new, all you have to do is take some preventative precautions and polish it once in a while. To begin, recall how your jewellery seemed when you first received it. Some silver jewellery has been tarnished to give it an antique appearance. This is not to be mistaken with damaged silver caused by air, high temperatures, or toxic metals.

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Prevention is better than cure 

Cleaning your jewellery, particularly silver pieces that tarnish your reputation easily, is probably never at the top of your priority list. Even though it is simple to complete, this frequently overlooked cleaning project is easy to put off because the silver pieces we wear on a daily basis, such as the silver earrings you never take off or a go-to necklace, do not always tarnish quickly.  These regularly used products often only require a light polish every now and then. Finer silver jewellery that sits in containers or on trays, darkening from exposure and complete absence of use, may require a more intense deep cleaning.

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Just some easy steps, and voila!

Here we will show you a few steps and give you a few tips to follow easy methods for your cleaning procedure :

  • If possible, clean it either after every use or after every alternate use. Clean it in this way with a piece of soft cloth to remove the oil and dirt that would have been there throughout the day.
  • To clean, combine baking soda and hot water. Add about 2 tbsp of baking soda and 1 tsp of salt to hot water, stir a bit, then soak your jewellery in it for about 10 minutes. Scrub away the tarnish that has gathered. Rinse and dry it nicely.
  • Never use toothpaste for cleaning your silver jewellery.
  • You can consider common household items to stay safe from any damage.

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Tips from our experts

Maintaining your jewellery is very important. Fine jewellery has a high monetary as well as personal worth. Maintaining this value and keeping your jewellery as attractive as the day you acquired it requires routine jewellery maintenance.

Keep your silver in muslin cloth and keep it in a sealed container box or a wooden box. It contributes to the avoidance of rust and discoloration. Never, ever wrap it in a newspaper. Also, avoid keeping two types of jewellery in the same box.

We recommend that you clean your silver items after each use to prevent them from tarnishing. Your skin's oils can become deposited on its surface and cause oxidative damage. After each use, take a cotton cloth and warm water and thoroughly clean the entire area. Make them dry naturally before putting them away. You may also put a couple of sachets of silica gel in the storage container. They absorb natural moisture and help your silver from trying to tarnish.

Note that trying to prevent tarnish is easier than fixing it once it has occurred. If you notice rust starting to appear, clean it right away. These steps can help you keep your silver looking fresh for years ahead!

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