Studded Bracelets

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Studded bracelets, also known as spiked bracelets are generally wristbands which are made up of leather. Latest designer jewellery options are easily available to buy online and ease your shopping. They are mostly worn by men but women today are no less to wear it to give themselves a funky look. If you are a fan of heavy metal then studded bracelets with straps or simple buttons is the unbeaten option to add to your accessory list.
Apart from these spiked wrist bracelets with a rough and tough look other bracelets studded with beautiful and pure colourful gems are also available and are in great demand in countries like India, USA, UK and UAE.Worn around a woman’s sleek wrist these vibrant stone studded beautifully crafted bracelets make her stand out at every occasion. Present in the form of chain, crossed straps or a bangle these studded bracelets mark ethnicity along with modernity.
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