Navaratna Rings

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Navaratna also known as Navagraha refers to ‘nine ratnas’ i.e. ‘nine stones’ which represents all the planets of the zodiac . Navaratna ring should be worn only under specific circumstances and with the advice of qualified astrologer. Buy online the marvellous designer collection of the combination of nine precious gemstones consisting of diamond, pearl, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, ruby, emerald, red coral, gomed (hessonite) and cat’s eye (lehsunia). The gemstone rings are not the part of the fashion rings and thus are to be worn after being recommended by some great astrologer. We offer a huge variety of navratna rings on our online jewelry store and serving many clients across India as well as UK, USA and UAE.
Browse through a wide range of beautifully handcrafted Navaratna Collection of Ring Designs at Verve Jewels available at cheap and affordable prices. You can order your choice at our online store and set the preferences of metal you want for your ring. Our team of jewelry designers work day and night to bring forth the classy collection of precious ornaments, embedded with elegant stones, diamonds and much more. You can also get your design customized by our service men. We will put our best effort in serving you with the latest designs.
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