Collection: Silver Pendants

Silver Pendants

Silver Pendant Set
Pendants are worn by everyone. Its usability is fluid. Since the ancient times we have different types of pendants such as Amulets, etc which are known to have supernatural powers to protect the wearer and also grant supernatural powers to the same. While others like it to be chic and classy, others like it to be simple yet enhancing. Keeping in mind all of these varying interests and expectations which our customers expect us to keep up with. Verve-Jewels has brought upon ‘Mukhtalif’ to adorn you within and without.

Heart Pendants

The heart is known as the soul of the human body. Keeping in mind all of this, we have introduced pure silver heart pendants which will enhance not only you but also the ones you love. These pure silver heart pendants are so beautiful to look at with tiny silver beads of varying colour that you won’t be able to shift your eyes from it.

Office wear Pendants

Everybody has the right to feel good. Thus, for our office go-ers we have brought about new shades of design in our pure silver office wear pendants. To give your professional look a little more good, do check out our office wear pendants.

Pearl Pendants

Pearls have always been associated with femininity, purity, wisdom, patience and peace. It is known to give a strong effect on the wearer thus protecting it from destruction. Also, it is known to give a strengthening effect to the wearer. We present to you our pure silver pendants embedded with pearls to not only make you look good but also protect you from evil.

Mens Pendants

For our men too we have a varied range of pure silver pendants. For we strongly believe that men too have the right to look good and feel good. We present to you our wide collection of pure silver pendants for men.

Single Stone Pendants

Who wouldn’t like a stone embedded in their small piece of jewellery. Presenting to you our wide range of single stone pendants which are designed truly for your good. These single color and mixed color stones embedded on your pendants look absolutely fantastic and will make you an absolute piece of beauty.

Navratan Pendants

The Navratan has its origins traced back to ancient India and signifies the mythological concepts around cosmology and astrology and the ‘Navagrahas’ or ‘nine celestial gods’. We present to you a varying designs of pure silver navratna pendants designed truly for you and to protect you from all sorts of evils. Our innumerable designs will not only amaze you but also make it very difficult for you to choose the perfect one for you.

Ruby Pendants

Ruby has always been admired by ages and is symbolic of nobility, purity and passion. Thus, to bring forward your true self to people and to make you feel good too we present to you our pure silver studded with ruby pendants designed truly for you.

Emerald Pendants

Emeralds are always associated with good luck even when you lose hope. It is a gem of vitality and fascination and is closely associated with Mercury. Life serves a plethora of events and bad events take place too. But we care for you and will absolutely not like to see you lose hope. Thus, to be a part of your dark times too Verve-Jewels brings forward pure silver pendants embedded with emeralds designed solely for your good.

Floral Pendants

Flowers add onto the beauty quota too. Keeping this , we have bought about floral pendants for our flower lovers and to vitalize our customers with strength, grace and wisdom.

Cross Pendants

Cross designs are no-doubt growing very popular in the market. Presenting before you our wide range of pure silver cross pendants embedded with silver just for you. The cross is a symbol of faith and passion. Thus, to regain our customer’s sense of faith and passion our pure silver cross pendants are waiting for your grace.

Ganesha Pendants

Lord Ganesha is the symbol of clearing a person’s way from obstacles otherwise refraining him from success. Thus, to keep the grace of Lord Ganesha with you in your journeys. We have brought about pure silver Ganesha pendants. Do check them out!