The Beauty of Silver Jewellery

The Beauty of Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery is on trending and is loved by most people nowadays because of their metallic dazzling white feel, glossy and shiny aspect. You can use silver in different ornaments like rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, etc.

Silver jewellery is becoming more popular than good jewellery in the recent era.

Silver jewellery is classic, beautiful and affordable.

Silver jewellery has even united with the fashion industry and it's demand is increasing gradually.

Best silver jewellery gifts

The jewellery designers are coming with trendy and modern designs to intensify appeal and to increase the sell of the jewellery.

As Valentine's day is approaching nearer, many of them are offering special discounts on silver jewellery to attract the audience.

You can give silver jewellery gifts like a plain heart love pendant, heartbeat necklace, two hearts in one bracelet, etc. as a sign of love to your loved and dear ones.

Sterling silver- the most used silver

Sterling silver is extensive and is even compared with the beauty of the moon. It is made up of alloy with estimated 92% of pure silver and the rest with other metals so that it can be made more touchable and disposable. In this form, the metal is beautiful and bears minimal stain, but it's normally too soft and ductile for many uses, including making many of the jewelleries. Copper in the sterling silver makes the silver harder, more tough and therefore much better to work with, but without disturbing the colour of the jewellery.  Silver is also good for the skin as it does not relent to any adverse chemical reactions.

Types of silver used in jewellery

1. Fine silver- it is not an alloy, it is just pure silver and it's quite expensive. It does not contain any metals that can cause allergies. It is used for making earrings and necklaces.

2. Argentium Silver- it is a mix of both copper and germanium metal. It is easier to keep going and more resistant to stains. It is quite expensive.

3. Coin Silver- earlier it was the most popular silver alloy in US. It is a simple silver with a mix of copper and nickel but it's a little bit valuable as it is only 90% pure. Today, coin silver is rarely found and used.

4. Nickel Silver- it is called Alpaca silver. It has 60% nickel content which can cause skin allergies so, this silver is usually avoided.

5. Tribal or Tibetan Silver- it is not silver at all. It is usually carried from Tibet. It also contains nickel so it is a rarely used silver.

6. Mexican, Thai, or Bali Silver- it is a high quality silver. It is found in Mexico.

7. Silver-Plated- it is quite famous because it is very affordable. It is made from a different type of metal alloys with just a thin layer of silver coating on top.

Benefits of wearing Silver jewellery

-> As a metal, silver has many health benefits that have been used across centuries. Silver metal has been proven as an important antimicrobial agent confronting infections and helping in cold and flu prevention, wound reliving, etc.

-> Silver also helps with inner heat regulations and circulations

-> It improves body circulation and body temperature stability and helps in maintaining cleanliness and immunity.

-> It keeps our blood vessels elastic which helps in bone evolution and healing as well as skin maintenance and repair.

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