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Silver Chains

Silver Chain for Men, Women & Girls
Silver chain is the most versatile piece of jewellery. Its simplicity can sometimes be confused with the lack of luxuriousness, but it is the perfect balance of ostentatious and dainty, less magnificent but leans heavily towards classy. The best part about a silver chain is that both men and women can pull it off with ease.

The flexibility offered by our 925 silver chains can make them very handy for any purpose. From creating fancy festive looks for the Diva in you to the regular mahila of today’s generation, it meets every need. Not just that, a pure silver chain can work wonders for men too. It adds charm to their personality and accentuates their look subtly.

As simple as a silver chain may seem, sometimes it can be pretty perplexing how to pair them or wear them. Well, not to worry. With tons of possibilities, you can easily choose the one that suits you best.

Add a Pendant/Locket

This one is the most common way to carry a silver chain. We provide options for both men and women. Add your initials, pearls, a particular shape, or maybe even a beautiful stone studded with small diamonds to add glamour. For men, dog tags, religious symbols, anchors are the most loved options.

Layer those Silver Chains

With a lot of different sizes available out there, you can also choose to layer multiple chains and wear them at once. Silver chains for women usually vary from 16 inches to 36 inches, i.e., the standard sizes whereas silver chains for men come in 18 inches to 30 inches. The concept of layering is more renowned among girls and women. Wearing two to three different length silver chains is sure to make a striking style statement.

Various types of Silver Chain

Your silver chain need not be of one type only. There's the snake, box chain, beaded, thin rolo, thick rolo, Figaro, and many more. If you are more of a clean-lined person, then a snake category silver chain is best for you. It is also the perfect option for incorporating a pendant. If you are into big interlocked chains, a thick rolo should be your go-to. Figaro type silver chains are man's best friend.

Not only Vervejewels comprehend the trends and style of the market but also the customer’s demands. We promise you our 925 silver chains are worth a buy. They are light, do not create any itch or rash, easy to carry, and dazzling. If you like accessories but not heavy ones, then a silver chain should be your choice. Refine your look with one basic piece of ornament and make a bold fashion statement. Buy pure silver chains online with us today. Happy shopping!