Trends In Silver Earring Designs

Trends In Silver Earring Designs

While in the market, or a jewellery showroom, the earring collection is the first thing I seek out for. Even if you are not a fan of earrings like me, the fact how significantly earrings contribute to bringing out the desired appearance and aura cannot be dismissed.

And when it comes to silver earrings, India has plenty to offer at a wide range of prices, designs and styles. Silver earrings have made their journey through ages and have evolved on various aspects, the beautiful pieces of jewellery continue to awestruck creators and wearers alike.

But like every other indulgence, silver earrings, be it pure or sterling silver earrings have trends in usage, design and style. So here are some of the most prominent trends in silver earring designs.

Stud Silver Earrings

Studs earrings have proved themselves to be suitable for all occasions, formal to festive. The flexibility is defined by the wide variety of designs and sizes stud earrings are available in. But there are a few designs that are currently ruling the stud silver earrings world. Let’s have a look at them

  • Stones Highlight

When it comes to silver stud earrings designed with precious stones,  it is difficult to not have the image of those beautiful pairs of earrings stuck in your head. Precious stones such as aquamarine and amethyst enhance the beauty of silver jewellery in general, so it should be no surprise that the same happens when it comes to silver studs. Stud earrings with precious stones as their highlights are best suited for festive or party occasions, as these are usually larger in size and capable of providing the needed visuals themselves.

  • Pearls Are Blessings

Silver stud earrings with pears are not only flexible but they also bring out the classic ‘Women are Grace and Beauty’ aura around the wearer. Pearl jewellery is already a classic, so is silver- combine the two evergreen jewels and we have masterpieces laid down in the form of various stud silver earrings.

  • Floral Diamonds

Flowers are everyone’s favourite and pair some flower-shaped sterling silver studs with sparkling diamonds. There you go, I bet you can already imagine the elegance and beauty the pair of stud earrings would exude. No wonder it is trending.


Chandbali Earrings

The tremendously famous Chandbali silver earrings were introduced in India during the age of Nizams and now, the trend of beautiful chandbali earrings have re-appeared in the jewellery industry and it is definitely good news for all those who love earrings. While the base of these stunning earrings remains the same, there are a few additions that are now trending.

  • Stone-Studded Chandbali Silver Earrings

Like discussed above regarding silver studs, chandbali silver earrings are also perfectly fitted with stones. Silver chandbalis with precious stones studded with them not only makes them flexible with various attire but also add on to the grace and beauty silver chandbalis possess on their own.

  • Artwork

Silver chandbali earrings with artwork like Minakari- that’s one of the most sought-after Indian jewellery designs and has been for more than just a ‘couple of years’. No wonder, it is trending in silver chandbali designs

Silver Earrings


I would be surprised if you have not surfed for silver jhumkas online. Jhumkas are probably the most popular type of earrings in India and it is no wonder that the trends in jhumkas, silver nor not, appear and reappear the fastest.

  • The Mirror Effect

Jhumkas are timeless and gorgeous Jhumkas with little pieces of mirror embedded in them leave people awestruck when viewed closely. They are detailed, they need a lot of work on them and might even be a little expensive, but they are definitely worth it.

  • White Enamel Magic

It is not just the white enamel, pastel enamels of blue and green are also popular, but let’s face it, nothing can beat jhumkas with white enamel. They are simple yet gorgeous and most suited with sarees and suits that are as gorgeous. And jhumka-lovers like me are crazy about them.

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