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Silver Toe Rings

Pure Silver Toe Rings
Rings are symbolic of protecting the wearer from destruction and evil. Likewise, in some cultures, toe rings are told to increase the chances of conception and to ease pain during intercourse. Often known as ‘bichus’ toe rings play an important role in valuing marital bonds for the women do not remove them at any cost as it is a symbol of them being married.

Thus, to keep your bonds safe and you safe. We, at Verve Jewels, bring forward the best for you and to keep your loved ones safe, we introduce our new lightweight toe rings to you. These toe rings are designed specially for you and will no wonder add to your elegance and charm.

These toe rings are not only lightweight but also beautiful. These toe rings are carved with intricate designs from medieval India and also a part of Indo-Western designs added to it. These toe rings are also studded with pearls, emeralds and white topaz adding onto the elegance and charm of not only the toe ring but also the wearer and the gift giver.

Toe rings are also given to newly wed brides by the elders of their family after seeking blessings of the lord, their god. Toe rings are thus an important part of the rituals and is an extremely important part of every occasion.

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