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Silver Rings

Silver Rings for Girls and Women

Silver rings are the best way to finish off any outfit or look you are carrying without any extra effort. If you’re looking for sterling silver bands, you’ve come to the right place. Sterling silver rings are a great connotation and you can choose from our various designs to celebrate any kind of special occasion with your loved ones, be it an engagement or anniversary.

Our 925 silver rings available in several intricate cuts such as round cut, oval cut, princess cut, cushion cut, etc. in different styles like straight, tapered, bypass, and many more are studded with American diamonds and stones. They will not only add elegance and class but the glinting silver is sure to catch everyone's attention. Silver is known to have a powerful antimicrobial agent and fights infection, also aiding in cold and flu prevention. Silver rings also give off positive vibes making them very popular among not only ladies but men too.

VerveJewels has over five hundred 925 sterling silver rings made for every event as well as suiting every personality. They not only adorn your fingers but also hold a great significance, both sentimental and traditional. You can choose for yourself with ease as we have one for every taste and they are budget-friendly.

Cocktail Ring

These are big sized striking rings often engraved with some precious stones. They are very vibrant and in trend. We offer a wide range of Sterling Silver Cocktail rings for girls and women.

Band Rings

Simple silver bands never fail to make an elegant fashion statement. They are very popular among couples and are a symbol of their love and commitment. The band depicts eternity and generally has gems studded all around the shank of the rings representing no start or end. They are the most loved gift among women.

Three Stones Rings

How many stones are too many stones? Three stone silver rings, also known as trinity rings are popular as both engagement and anniversary rings. It’s a very thoughtful ring as the first stone represents all the memories shared by two people, the center one represents the present and the last one represents the beautiful future they’ve embarked upon.

We also offer silver rings for women inscribed with birthstones. They are great gifts for occasions such as baby showers as they are a symbol of wellness and good fortune. Emerald is the birthstone for May, Ruby for July, Diamond for April, and so on. Pick your own with us. A wide range of sterling silver options are available suiting every personality out there, be it chic or traditional. Shop with us sitting at the comfort of your home and bedazzle everyone with your looks.