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Silver Anklets

Silver Payal for women and babies
Ornaments are used for adorning and also for gifting. we wouldn’t let your ankles go bare. Anklets are symbolic of new beginnings in a newly-wed bride’s life and also that of pride and bravery in a young unmarried young girl’s life. Anklets have been used since medieval times. It did not have any particular design in particular but the women and the babies of those centuries wore it with pride. The legacy of which, today, no doubt is carried forward till date.

Anklets are still worn with the same pride and dignity. They are still gifted to brides and babies, wishing them success and lots of blessings. However, we brought in a little bit of change in the upbringing of our anklets in order to make it feel lightweight and comfortable for you.

Therefore, we at VerveJewels are bringing up a new collection inspired by the designs which were worn by the tribals. Our collection ‘Aborishq’ is available now on Verve-Jewels.

Silver Beaded Anklets

We are bringing forward a new collection of anklets with pure silver beads. We had asked our customers the last time that out of every design which was their most recommended one to which they replied beaded jewellery. So, ‘Aborishq’ presents to you shimmering pairs of anklets with silver beads studded on it to make it look classy. It is not heavy or strain and can be easily worn by babies too. Research has it that Silver acts as an antimicrobial agent for reducing bioburden and preventing infection. Pointing out that it is completely safe for you to choose these tiny silver beaded anklets for your newborns.

Silver Shell Anklets

Who doesn’t like to collect shells from the sea shore? Likewise, keeping in mind, the subtle pleasures of human life. ‘Aborishq’ presents to you the most pure, subtle and unique range of anklets. The tiny shells decorating your ankles and your child’s feet will look absolutely amazing.

Do check out our silver shell anklets.

Silver Birthstone Anklets

Gems are important so as to put our clients away from all evil and especially this, that is the Corona Period. The idea of having your gems studded in your anklets seem to be a better one to most of our clients. To which we bring to our silver birthstone anklets. For, Verve-Jewels not only believe in decking up our women and children but also on their health and environment. Therefore, do visit ‘Aborishq’ and check out our unique silver birthstone anklets.

ALL OF OUR SILVER JEWELLERY ARE CERTIFIED WITH A++ GRADE. Therefore, reducing its chances of discoloration and long stability.

You can also visit our online jewellery shopping app ‘VerveJewels’ for a better and safe experience. Also, you will be earning extra tokens for your next purchase with us. ‘Aborishq’ thus will be available on all jewellery platforms and also make your online purchase of silver anklets a better and safer one for we would always want the best for our customers in terms of both health and appearance.