International Shipping Policy

International Shipping Policy

Standard and Express Shipping

1. We utilize presumed dispatches like FedEx, DHL, USPS for Express Shipping with an ensure that the first endeavor for conveyance would be made inside 5 working days of you putting in the request.

On the off chance that you choose Standard Shipping as your transportation choice, your shipment is ordinarily sent through EMS/Speed Post. The shipment would be conveyed by accomplice of EMS in your nation - which is commonly the national postal administration of the terminus nation. In such cases, the normal conveyance date is demonstrative of date of conveyance. The genuine shipment date may differ premise administration levels of nearby sending accomplice of EMS.

2. Express Shipping conveyance responsibility prohibits occasions (Sundays, Holidays in India and objective nation), unforeseen postpones in traditions clearances and option shipping directions gave by client/ recipient to messenger organization.

3. In the event that the shipment does not get conveyed inside stipulated time for Express Shipping, Verve Jewels might discount you the contrast between the Express and Standard Shipping charges for your request.

4. In the event that you surmise that messenger organization has wrongly upgraded the request as conveyed or has not conveyed the request, please let us know within 4 days of your normal date of conveyance. We will liaise with messenger organization to give you the evidence of conveyance.
5. Once the shipment is given over to sending organization, no change can be made to the request. Any change in conveyance location or particular conveyance directions would be acknowledged just if dispatch organization has the capacity enliven these.


6. The transportation charges are subject to end nation and the weight of the shipment. The relevant transportation charges will be shown to you while you put in the request.
7. All the obligations to be paid for fare from India would be borne by Verve Jewels. Any import obligations or nearby obligations imposed at end would be borne by the recipient of the shipment. These obligations are specifically to be paid to the conveyance person.
8. The genuine sum charged on your record/ card may contrast than what is indicated at the time of exchange, because of distinction in conversion scale connected by us and your card issuing organization/ installment portal and additional charges connected by these.


9. On the off chance that an item gets harmed amid travel, you can either settle on a full discount or a substitution. To process any such claims, clients must inform Verve Jewels with a photo of the harmed item within 2 days of receipt of the item.
10. The 30 days swap guarantee is not relevant for requests that are conveyed outside India and would cover just assembling imperfections up to 30 days of conveyance of the item.