Silver Jewellery Styles

10 Fabulous Silver Jewellery Styles We Can Take Inspiration From

Silver jewellery has been part of Indian lives since ages. It is significant to everyone but for Indian women it is not only a customary tradition it's also a lot of values attached to each and every jewellery piece worn by the women. That's why silver jewellery is always a part of their collection. It is believed that in our culture we adorn silver bangles, rings, anklets, pendants etc. as they symbolizes femininity and motherhood. 

We do not use silver jewellery as an adornment but we believe it offers mystical qualities when endowed with quality stones. Do you know that many wear Navratna or nine gems in a specific order as a protection against the evil forces to this day. As mentioned earlier our deep connection with Jewels is prominent as its value lies not only in rituals and traditional beliefs but also some outlook behind every jewellery piece we have. 

You also know that we have been wearing jewellery for many decades now and one thing is clear as the water that silver jewellery never goes out of fashion or trend. But we all have one major concern and that is how to wear a specific kind of silver jewel in a new style. So, as a leading silver jewellery seller we thought of sharing what our artisans and fashion models believe about how to style silver jewellery. So, in this detailed blog you will get inspired from different variations in styling your jewellery. But before let us also tell you some health benefits of wearing silver jewellery and why we love to adorn silver jewellery so much.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewellery?

As a metal, silver offers a ton loads of health benefits and as a jewellery it offers a thousands of styles which makes it perfect as the everyday and occasional jewellery both. Talking about its health benefits then it works as a powerful antimicrobial agent, fights infections, cold and flu, heals the wounds and much more. 

When we said, silver offers tons of benefits, we meant it. As it also helps with body circulation and internal heat regulation. It balances the energy levels inside the human body. Wearing silver means nullifying electrical disturbances, balancing circulation and body temperature and also maintaining cleanliness and immunity. 

We wished its benefits would have ended soon but wearing silver has another benefit as it works as antibiotics and sterilization. If you wear silver jewellery then you stay away from infection, cold symptoms and any other virus, bacteria, etc. Silver is also honestly responsible for keeping our blood vessels elastic that enables it to play a role in bone formation and healing as well as skin maintenance and repair. 

You might be wondering how all of this is possible. Let us give you a possible and proven explanation. So, if your silver jewellery turns blue when you wear it for too long then this indicates the presence of elevated levels of sodium in your body. That means a blue piece of jewellery could indicate you need to cut on salty snacks. 

Some people even go beyond jewellery to enjoy the health benefits of silver. For instance, some people wear silver-lined sleep masks to improve their night's rest or silver-lined gloves to wear while typing on a laptop to disrupt any transmission of electronic signals from technology into the body. With so many benefits you might be wondering we might be boasting about all of this but the internet is in your hands. Search and you will find everything written here is true. Now let us come back to fashion and silver jewellery and have a look at some styles that you can incorporate to take inspiration from.

10 Silver Jewellery Styles to Take Inspiration From

Silver Necklace

Silver Necklace Fined Owl Necklace

Silver necklaces work well with almost every occasion. However, even being evergreen it also requires some basic understanding on how to style it. The best part of silver jewellery is that even if you have a little knowledge of jewellery you can create your own unique and trendy style statement. For instance, along with a simple kurta you can wear a heavy silver necklace with a traditional set of silver rings and open hair. You must have seen many bollywood actresses bossing this look.

As mentioned you do now need to follow trends if they do not work for you. Choose what you feel comfortable and feel  confident in your own taste in jewellery. Being sentimental with silver jewellery always works as it suits your personality.

Silver Jhumkas 

Tribal Earrings Dainty Small Jhumki

Silver Jhumkas or Silver Earrings have that charm because of which it never goes out of fashion. There are several silver jhumka styles that will always retain a distinct and evergreen style statement. So, we suggest you to go for heavy silver jhumkas as they are perfect for ethnic occasions or any informal office party. Once while picking up a silver jhumka make sure what works with your colouring, frame and also your personal style statement.

Silver Rings

Silver Rings Swarovski Crystals Studded Mary Ring

Silver rings when mingled with American diamonds creates an elegant amalgamation which can easily uplift your look. If you pay close attention to celebrity looks then you will find out that they often carry a wide variety of designer sterling silver rings. Wearing a unique and artistic statement silver ring has become more common for the wedding, thanks to its fresh and shiny look all the time.

You can explore a wide range of silver jewellery and buy silver rings online that go well with both western and Indian outfits like palazzo Kurtis and jeans. For instance, on a typical day at work or travelling you can wear a plain silver necklace with one ring. Dazzling and beautiful at the same time.

Silver Bangles 

Exclusive Small Elephant Silver Bangle

Silver bangles help you stand out from the crowd. Moreover, silver bangles are usually best to wear during the festive season because of their added volume and designs. They are also often considered as the statement pieces as they perfectly blend with contemporary and ethnic look. There is a reason why silver is a million dollar industry and the silver bangles and bracelets boost a pristine yet gorgeous charm that can never fade away. You can wear them with any ethnic outfit on one hand and junk jewellery on the other to have a unique look from the rest.

Silver Anklets 

Silver Anklets which is also known as payal in India has an old tradition in India. Indeed Indians have lost their roots as they still believe in wearing silver anklets. But with time these anklets habe become a style icon for everyone. Just look at the right online store like VerveJewels and you will find some of the most etnic and elegantly made payals for all groups. The best part is you can style anklets in any way you want to. Many influencers pair it at the top of the sneakers as it allows them to customize it as per their aesthetics.


Chanbaalis are perfect for your desi glam look. As per the designers, avoid carrying anything on your neck along with chandbalis as it can completely disrupt the complete look. Chaanbalis go solo and add charm from top to bottom. Chandbaalis are the perfect example of heavy silver earrings as a pair is enough for a jaw dropping look. If you do not have a pair of these in your collection then start looking for this silver jewellery online.

Silver Nose Pins 

Along with silver anklets, silver nose pins also have a long history in India. Be it a tribal nose ring or a modern style every girl's wardrobe has it in their collection. The charm of the silver nose ring is a delight among the women as they are choosing silver nose ring over gold nose pin because of its luster and affordability. You can see the unique design of nose rings as it can help you with completing your casual top, or your ethnic attire.

Toe Rings 

Worn along with silver anklets, toe rings are also gaining popularity because of their subtle yet stylish tone. Because of which they can complement your jeans look along with long kurta and other ethnic look. The toe rings offer their own undefinable style which looks great in Indian skin tone.


Chokers are one of the most bought silver jewellery in India and are always a great choice. However, it faded away in the 90s but the best things always made a great comeback and so did the chokers. At VerveJewels our artisans created fun and fresh accessory choker silver jewellery which can be adorned by people from all age groups. 

Chokers are another jewellery that can be paired with any outfit you want. Perfect for office wear as well as the events and parties. You can also choose to layer your chokers with other silver necklaces from our collection for a crisp and cunning look.

Use Different Colour Combination With Silver

If you choose the right colour outfit with the silver jewellery then it will enhance your look in a much better way. For instance, we suggest you to never wear silver with bright, fluorescent and nylon colours as it will surpass the jewellery and fade away its vibrancy altogether. So, while choosing outfits for silver jewellery go for darker shades like black or grey. Silver also looks great on elusive colours like cream, darker shades, white, green or blue. So, colour combination is also good.


This is all about 10 silver jewellery styles to take inspiration from. Using these ways you can have an elegant look that you have always wanted. What makes silver perfect is that it can be combined with both statement and non-statement look. Most of the women want to try their hands on different designs of silver and that is we make sure we have a combination of both trendy and tribal silver jewellery designs on our website. We hope this article will help you create a good combination between your attire and your silver jewellery. And if you feel you need to add more silver to your collection without breaking your bank then make sure to check silver jewellery on Verve Jewels.

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